A modular framework to perform an ICO on the Stellar Network with a lot of flexibility for customization.

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Basic KYC

You decide who can participate in your ICO based in user's information.

Referral Program

Users can get bonus token if they get other people to invest in your ICO.

Early SignUp Bonus

First come first server. Users who join early get additional bonus token.

Admin Panel

Keep an eye on the server infrastructure or the token distribution.


Create your own design for landing page. Customize the dashboard and token purchase.

Cloud Database

Connect your business applications to the ICO's user database.

Management App

Optionally get an application to fully control token and distribution on your own.


We can support and develop your needs before, during and after the ICO.


This video will show you how to create a client to library to integrate on every webpage.


We offer you a dockerized Software Development Kit to integrate your personal design.


This video will show you how it works and what features you get. You can play around at our live demo.

Management App

In this video you will get a view into our management application. If you want to fully control your token and wallets by yourself we can create a custom management application for your needs.

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